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Spectral Analysis with gnu Octave

This project uses the Octave/Matlab programming language to illustrate several common Digital Signal Processing techniques, including the application of a Hamming Filter (in the time domain), Fast Fourier Transform (to retrieve a Real Discrete Fourier Transform), averaging magnitudes of Basis functions over time (in the frequency domain) to reduce the effects of “systematic white noise”, and averaging magnitudes of Basis functions across frequency bandwidths as an alternative method for reducing the effects of “systematic white noise”.

Gnu Octave is an open source programming language based upon the commercial product Matlab.  It is a high level language designed primarily for numerical analysis that implements the math of complex numbers, numerical integration and differentiation, symbolic manipulations, and vectors and matrices as first class data objects allowing one to perform fairly elaborate operations (i.e. complex rectangular / polar coordinate translation, dot, cross and scalar products, Gaussian elimination, etc.) using single, built-in, operators.  It is somewhat analogous to the terse syntax employed by the ANSI/ISO SQL Data Manipulation Language that operates upon all elements of database tables using single statements.


Digital Signal Processing, gnu Octave / Matlab


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