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Text Box: Experience
Text Box: Unisys – Mission Viejo, California
Principal  Software Engineer – Osmos DMBS and Universal Repository
I was a member of the team migrating the Unisys Version and Configuration Services repository model from the Unisys Universal Repository (UREP) to Unisys Java Component Repository (JEdition).  All server components were implemented using Java J2SE 1.2.  The project also includes two client components that were implemented using Microsoft’s VC++ 6.0.  The first client component is an extension to the Microsoft explorer shell while the second is a library conforming to Microsoft’s SCC API.  It is dynamically linked by several common IDEs (Microsoft Studio, Semantec Visual Café, Sybase PowerJ, Rational Rose 98i, etc.).  Client Server communication is via Visigenics ORB.  The Unisys VCS products run under Microsoft NT and XP.
I had primary development and maintenance responsibility for the Osmos Object Oriented Database Management System’s Data Abstraction Layer (DAL).  I also accepted responsibility for mentoring less experienced team members.  DAL enhancements included optimizations to the generation of object identifiers and strategic use of multi-threading.  The DAL is a set of libraries which map the Object Level Interface layer of The Osmos OODBMS onto a relational database management system (e.g. Oracle, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere, etc.).  Osmos runs under Microsoft NT and XP, Solaris, HP-UX and a variety of other Unix platforms.
I designed and implemented those modifications necessary to make both the Osmos OODBMS and Unisys Universal Repository (UREP), thread safe.  I had development and  maintenance responsibilities for  Osmos' SQL3 and Object Level Interfaces.  I also designed and implemented the test suite for Osmos’ Call Level Interface (CLI / ODBC).  Osmos and UREP run under Microsoft NT & XP, Solaris, HP-UX and a variety of other Unix platforms.

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